Have you ever posted without thinking about it because you were in a rush? or you just couldn’t come up with anything at that moment? We all have.

There are times when everyone gets stuck no matter how creative you are or how long you have been in business, it happens.

That’s why I created this Instagram cheat sheet and why you should pin a copy of this next to your computer.

I love cheat sheets. I keep it at my fingertips, so I have a go-to list to refresh my memory when I get stuck.

Here’s a list of 101 post ideas to use when creating Instagram posts.101 Instagram Post Ideas_Cheryl Phan

To help keep things organized I also have a printable calendar to help you schedule your posts. I find this extremely helpful.

Having a plan and writing your ideas down makes your posting so much easier and faster. Use this calendar to jot down your Instagram post ideas for each week or month.

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