Stuck on what to post on Social Media? Wish you had a list of post ideas at your fingertips?


64 Facebook Post Ideas to Fill Your Posting Calendar

To make it easy for you, I came up with a social media checklist and calendar that is very useful. It helped jog my memory when I was just having a DA! moment.

The rule of thumb is to post 2-3 times a day and coming up with that many things to post daily can be daunting. It can feel a little overwhelming to anyone.

What I love about creating a Facebook post calendar is, that I can schedule an ENTIRE month’s worth of posts at one time and not have to worry about coming up with ideas every day.

Here are my 64 social media post Ideas …

  1. Discount on a product or service
  2. Motivational quotes
  3. Ask a question
  4. Inspirational quote
  5. Share a tip or trick
  6. Testimonial from a client
  7. Share a blog
  8. Highlight a new product or service
  9. Infographic
  10. Post a funny GIF
  11. Do a Poll
  12. Share a free resource
  13. 3 simple tips to help you_____(fill in the blank)
  14. Breaking news
  15. Share other people’s posts/videos
  16. One thing you can’t live without
  17. Share something on your Pinterest board
  18. Share something you’re working on
  19. Behind the scenes photo
  20. Share a hack
  21. Highlight a biz-friend’s social media page
  22. Quick video training
  23. Fun fact
  24. Industry articles
  25. Share a meme
  26. Holiday post
  27. Share an interesting statistic
  28. This or that question to get followers’ input
  29. Share a fan photo
  30. Share a colorful photo
  31. Product pictures
  32. Challenge people to do something
  33. Free Ebook
  34. Webinar training
  35. Encouragement
  36. Behind the scenes
  37. Favorite hack
  38. Announcement
  39. Favorite tools
  40. Industry Article
  41. Pinterest pins
  42. Pinterest Boards
  43. Instagram post
  44. Ask for advice
  45. Complete this sentence “when I’m ____I____
  46. Contest
  47. Share a tool with an affiliate link
  48. Throw Back Thursday #TBT
  49. Upcoming events
  50. Share a milestone
  51. Ask followers what they like most about____
  52. Highlight a business friends page
  53. Thank a fan
  54. What’s on your bucket list
  55. Mistakes people are making
  56. Wednesday wisdom
  57. Flashback Friday
  58. Give the audience a gift
  59. Share old content (Post)
  60. Let someone guest post
  61. Share a charity you’re affiliated with
  62. Post Fill in the blank
  63. Go Live
  64. repost a viral post

Here’s my printable calendar that will help you schedule your month of posts:

social media content planner_by Cheryl Phan

*64 Facebook Post Ideas is the second blog in my series discussing social media reach* 

Before you start writing your posts, remember last week’s blog57 Words and Phrases to Increase Your Social Media Reach. If you haven’t read this, download it HERE.  Because the truth is, you can post 100 times a day, and if you’re using words and phrases that Facebook doesn’t like they won’t show it to as many people. Learning a few simple tricks can save you a lot of time and effort.

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Cheryl Phan Facebook Post Ideas

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64 Facebook Post Ideas to Fill Your Posting Calendar