How to Make Money Blogging

November 22, 2020

Did you know you can make money blogging? In fact, this could be a very lucrative business.

This is what I call Double Dipping. While you’re making money doing the thing you love, you can also make money selling the products you use.

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I know when I was introduced to the idea of blogging my first thought was, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” I can hardly spell with spell check. Writing is not my strong suit.

Before you brush this idea under the rug, let me show you an easy way to start a blog.

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Let me give you a couple of examples…

Let’s say you’re a florist. You could be teaching people how to cut the flowers, so they last longer. Show them what tools you use and attach a link to the word. When they click on the word it takes them to the store where they can buy it.
Just like I did in this blog.

OK, let’s use another example. Let’s pretend you’re a pet trainer and you’re showing people how to keep their dog from running off down the street. Here’s where you can show them products to buy like a special kind of leash or an invisible fence. Maybe you gave the dog a treat to reward him, you can attach a link with the dog treats you recommend.

If you’ve been getting my blogs for any length of time, you will see that I blog about the two things I love the most: Painting and Business. I share links on all the tools and resources I use to help people like you create beautiful finishes and build a successful business.

You can do the same. Just talk about the things you love to do.

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How to Make Money Blogging by Cheryl Phan