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Are you looking to start a coaching business but don’t have any money to invest upfront? Or perhaps you’re interested in offering one-on-one coaching services? Well, you’re in luck! As a successful coach myself, I’m here to share some tips and tricks to help you get started.Before starting my group coaching Empowering Women, I started with one-on-one coaching.

Starting a coaching business wasn’t on my radar when I started my business. My goal was to build my decorative painting business. But as my business started to grow, friends started asking me for help and advice to help them grow their business.
One day, I had a conversation with a friend who was going through a tough time in her life. As we talked, I found myself naturally offering her advice and guidance. It was then that I realized that helping others was what just came naturally to me.

I knew that starting a coaching business would not be easy, but I was determined to make it work. I took courses, read books, and attended workshops to learn as much as I could about coaching and building a business.

I started working with clients and seeing them progress and achieve their goals was incredibly rewarding. I loved getting to know them on a personal level and providing the guidance and support they needed.

Looking back, starting one-on-one coaching was the best decision I ever made. It allowed me to combine my passion for personal development, and it has brought me more fulfillment and happiness than I ever thought possible.

So, How do you know if this is right for you?

If people ask you for advice, pick your brain, or share your knowledge, you, my friend, have a coaching business in the making.

Here are the steps I took to get started……

First things first, figure out your niche. What is it that you’re an expert in? Maybe it’s social media marketing, design, or weight loss.

Whatever it may be, make sure you’re passionate about it and can provide value to your clients. The possibilities are endless!

Once you’ve figured out your niche, it’s time to start offering one-on-one coaching services. You don’t need a website or fancy marketing materials to get started. Simply reach out to your network and offer your services. Ask friends, family, or colleagues if they’re interested in receiving coaching from you. This is a great way to get started and build your reputation as a coach.

As you start working with clients, be sure to establish clear expectations and boundaries. Set up a system for scheduling sessions, collecting payments, and tracking progress. You can use tools like Google Calendar or Zoom to make scheduling easy and professional. And don’t forget to ask for testimonials from satisfied clients to showcase on your social media or website.

As you grow your coaching business, continue to evolve and pivot as needed. Take feedback from your clients and adjust your services accordingly. And remember, building a successful coaching business takes time and effort, but the rewards can be great.

So, there you have some tips to help you start your coaching business without spending any money upfront and offering one-on-one coaching services. Good luck on your journey and don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

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How to start your own coaching business