Subject Lines That Get Your Emails Opened

The Subject Line …

Have you ever received an email that you just had to open because the subject line left you wondering, or was so intriguing you had to take a peek?

Let face it. You put a lot of time into writing your blog and newsletters. You have great content and want to share it to the world, and the whole idea of writing a blog or newsletter is for people to read it.

Right! You have amazing content but if your subscribers are not opening your emails, how will they know?

So how do you get people to open your email?

Create a great subject line that makes them want to open it.

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Here are 75 of my favorites:

  1. Hi _______ are you still looking for help with ___________?
  2. Sorry, I meant to send this to you earlier
  3. Don’t ____________ (Do this instead)
  4. Oh My Gosh…I can’t believe you forgot
  5. Call me crazy, but I’m a little surprised you still haven’t taken me up on this:
  6. You’re going to want this _____________
  7. Who knew a _________ could look like this?
  8. The secret is out
  9. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most beautiful
  10. A unique ________ that will inspire you to make your own
  11. I’m completely obsessed with the way this _______ came out
  12. She grabbed a ________for this stunning ____________
  13. Name, did you see this?
  14. Did you get this?
  15. OH, I forgot something…
  16. What does your _______ say about you? If walls could talk, what would your walls say?
  17. I did use a __________ to do this
  18. They wanted _______, but instead they got this _________
  19. People are going crazy for this _________ and you’ll see why
  20. You might rethink your ________ after seeing this video
  21. Everyone’s talking about this _________ it’s amazing and ________ to do
  22. I can’t believe I never thought of this
  23. Take your ________ and do this __________
  24. Tiny Change, Bid Impact
  25. 5 Tricks to do on a budget
  26. 7 _______ hacks to get the __________
  27. The secrete of ________
  28. Top 10 ways to ______
  29. Why _________ never fails
  30. How ________ can I help you succeed
  31. What __________ doesn’t want you to know
  32. Why _______ isn’t as bad as you think
  33. 5 Tips for helping you _______
  34. How to ___________
  35. If __________, then you can ________
  36. What everyone should know about ___________
  37. The Beginners Guide to ______
  38. 4 keys to _____________
  39. 10 ________ the experts use to _________ (e.g. TOOL, Formulas, products)
  40. How many times have you _____? (e.g. Tried to change a tire and failed)
  41. 5 _________ mistakes and how to avoid them
  42. The truth about ____________
  43. The Ultimate guide to _______
  44. ____________ Made simple
  45. 5 minutes to a better _________
  46. Here is what happens when ______________
  47. Before you ________, Read this
  48. What happens when _________
  49. You Too can _____________
  50. How to ________ in less than an hour a day
  51. 7 types of ______ that will help you _________
  52. Case studies that prove _____________
  53. Do _____ like a pro
  54. 20 genius hacks that will help you ___________
  55. 10 examples of ________________
  56. 5 things I wish I had known about ________
  57. Now you can have _____________ and not _________
  58. 5 common ________ mistakes and how to avoid them
  59. It’s decision time (Let’s talk it out)
  60. Remember this?
  61. It’s OK if you’re not ready
  62. So many people have asked for this
  63. Secrete to ________
  64. Resource to help you become __________
  65. How to unlock ___________
  66. How to tell if__________
  67. Amazing ___________ to try right now
  68. Things you need to know before you _______
  69. Mistakes you don’t want to make
  70. Way to make sure your ______is not ________
  71. What no one tells you about
  72. You won’t believe
  73. The question I get asked the most
  74. Is ______ affecting your _____
  75. Wish I had known

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Subject lines that get your emails opened - by @Cheryl Phan