3 tips you don’t want to miss

Have you been racking your brain to come up with the perfect business name, only to find out the domain name isn’t available?  You’re not alone. It happens all the time.

With over 250 million domain names registered, chances are it’s already taken.

What to Do if Your Domain Name is Already Taken?

First, let me explain the difference between a business name and a domain name.  A business name is used for branding and legal purposes. A domain name is basically an address for your website. Your business name and domain do not necessarily have to match.

Don’t freak out!

I have 3 great tips on how to get a domain that is close to your business name and still use your name or something really close.

1: Add Keywords

Add words to the beginning or end of your name. For example: If you are a hair salon and your name is “Hair We Are” and that name is taken, change it to “Hair We Are Salon.” Just adding the word “salon” to the end might be all you need.

2: Consider different domain extensions

If your name with a .com isn’t available, try changing the extension. Try .salon, .TV, .net, .design, .fit, .coach. There are hundreds to choose from. Find the one that best fits your industry or products.

3: Search for Domain

When you go to GoDaddy and search for a domain name and it’s not available they will give you options to choose from. So go play around and see if you can find an alternative.

Are you ready to get started but need help? Not sure where to start?

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