3 Tips for Women 50+ Who Want to Start a Business

Just about every week someone will ask me how I started my business and it’s usually a woman over 50. Most of the time she just wants to pick my brain to see if it’s something she might want to do.

Often, it’s because she’s frustrated with her job and would like to become her own boss, but she’s not quite sure what to do or how to get started.

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I think deep down most women dream of owning their own business. The idea of having your own business gives you a sense of control, time freedom, and financial independence not to mention you get today what you love every day.

If you’re a woman over 50 and thinking of turning your hobby into a business, I would say, put it on your bucket list and just DO IT!

Women 50+ are by far the best candidates for business ownership. Why, because women 50+ are open to learning, meeting new people, and have decades of world experiences. Think of all the creative skills you have learned over the years, business experiences, life lessons, and hobbies that you can share with others.

3 Tips for Women 50+ Who Want to Start a Business Cheryl Phan

3 Tips for the 50+Women Entrepreneurs

  1. DO something you Love!

I’m sure you have heard people say, “If you do something you LOVE it doesn’t feel like work”. I will vouch for that. Find something you would do even if you didn’t get paid for it like a hobby, a craft or something you’re passionate about. If you work at something you love to do you are more likely to stick with it.

  1. Write a business plan.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate.  Your business plan should include a summary of what your business will do, who the customers will be, how you will sell your products and services, and a strategy to reach your customers. You can find business plans on Google just type in free business plans, there are tons to choose from.

  1. Find Help.

If you’re lacking marketing skills, find a mentor, someone who can help you get started.  Someone who is already doing what you want to do. There is no need to try and reinvent the wheel. Do what they do and shave off years of the learning curve.

Believe me, I learned the hard way. If there is one thing I could have changed over the years of being in business, that would be to hire someone to teach me what I didn’t know instead of trying to figure everything out myself.   

I’m not only a business coach, but I also have a coach. Lesson learned.

If you have ever thought about starting your own business and you just don’t know where to start, I can help.  Not sure what your talent is, download my guide 50 Online Businesses for the 50+ Women and discover your next big idea.


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3 Tips for Women Who Want to Start a Business