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 If you’ve been struggling to come up with the perfect business name, you’re in luck. I’m going to share my 5 Pro Tips and I’m also going to give you my eBook for FREE! I not only show you the exact steps to naming your business I the link you need to make sure it’s available.

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Think of your business name as the superhero cape for your brand. It’s gotta be powerful, memorable, and totally you. In my First Things First course, we kick things off by finding that perfect name, because let’s face it, it’s kinda a big deal!

Imagine this: You’re about to launch your online business. You’ve got the talent, the drive, and the killer idea. But without the right name, it’s like having a party without the cake. It’s the first taste your customers get of what you’re all about.

I’ll never forget the moment I found the perfect name for my decorative painting business. It was during a power walk with a friend, and I was chatting about my plans to start a faux finish business. I mentioned that I wanted the name to be fun and artzy fartzy , but I was stumped for ideas.

Without missing a beat, my friend blurted out, “Why not call it Artzy Fartzy?” It was like a light bulb went off in my head! I added “Creations” to the end, and just like that, Artzy Fartzy Creations was born. Everyone I shared it with loved it, and it perfectly captured the playful, creative spirit of my business.

So, how do we find that oh-so-perfect name? Here are some tips I swear by:

  1. Connect with Your Why: Your business name should shout out your passion and purpose. It’s the heart and soul of your brand.
  2. Let Your Creativity Run Wild: Brainstorm like there’s no tomorrow. Write down everything that pops into your head. The crazier, the better!
  3. Keep It Simple, Keep It YOU: Your name should be easy to say, spell, and remember. No tongue twisters here!
  4. Check Availability: Make sure your dream name isn’t already taken. Check for domain availability too! I show you how to do that in my book. It’s yours for free.
  5. Get Feedback: Share your top picks with friends and family. Does it resonate with them? You want a name that sticks!

Choosing your business name is like choosing your favorite outfit—it’s gotta feel just right. So, take your time, have fun with it, and let your creativity shine!

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