Americans love to celebrate. Let’s face it, we look for ways to party and have a good time, right?

There are literally 100s of days on the calendar that represents a National holiday, a time to remember, and a time to celebrate. I created a list of subject lines to help you in your email advertising for some of the most common National holidays.

Subject lines are important because this is the first thing your subscriber sees when they open their email. What you say in this one-liner will either intrigue them to open it or delete it.

The key is to grab their curiosity, so they open it and take action.

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The average open rate is 18%.  Your goal should be to get at least 25% or higher.

Keep in mind you can tweak any or all of them to fit your business goals. You can also use them in different seasons to create your own offers.

Hope this was helpful. I would love to know what subject line worked best for you. Please Share.

 Holiday Subject Lines and Calendar_Cheryl Phan


Subject lines for Spring

Spring is a fun time of year. People are ready to declutter their lives, businesses and get organized. This is a perfect time to share your products and services.

  1. Put some sizzle into your spring!
  2. Woo-hoo! It’s almost Spring,
  3. Don’t let the weather get you down
  4. Digital Spring Cleaning
  5. Is it Spring yet?
  6. New Spring Releases
  7. Spring (and rain…) is in the air.
  8. What screams spring to you?
  9. Spring late at your place too
  10. What’s Blue and Screams Spring?
  11. Good Things Come in Spring Packages!
  12. Spring back into the world a healthier you
  13. Spring success! What’s next
  14. Spring is on the way…
  15. SPRING is not canceled
  16. Spring is in Full Bloom
  17. Spring has sprung!
  18. Time to do a little spring cleaning

Subject lines for St. Patrick’s Day

Are you feeling lucky? St. Patrick’s Day is a great holiday to have fun with your emails. It’s a time to be more social. While there will be plenty of shamrock emojis in people’s inboxes, you’ll see from these subject lines that the best ways to get people excited are to celebrate the holiday by offering a gift, such as freebies, holiday ideas, or special promotions.

    1. Lots of St. Patrick’s Day Ideas for Your Celebration!
    2. Exciting News and St. Patrick’s Day ______ Lessons!
    3. FREEBIE! Saint Patrick’s Day Printable _________
    4. A FREE St. Patrick’s Day Activity for you
    5. Free St. Patrick’s Day __________: Who Needs Luck
    6. St Patrick’s Day Sale!, 20% Off
    7. Are you feeling lucky? St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway!
    8. St. Patrick’s Day Fun for the Whole Family!
    9. St. Patrick’s Day Fun + Spring Inspiration
    10. 7 St. Patrick’s Day Ideas to DIY this Spring
    11. A St. Patrick’s Day Activity for you
    12. St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway and Sneak Peek
    13.  Not the St. Patrick’s Day Message I’d Planned to Send
    14. It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I have a gift for you
    15. Free St. Patrick’s Day ____________
    16. 25+ _______St. Patrick’s Day Recipes!
    17. EASY Homemade St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Recipes!
    18. Come out and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day at _____________
    19. Be the world’s best St. Nick with just one click

Subject lines for Easter

Easter is another big-spending holiday.  Many have planned to celebrate Easter—making it a great opportunity for email marketers to ramp up their Easter newsletters! 

You don’t need gimmicks or eggs-quisite wordplay to be successful. These lines focus on personalization and giveaways


  1. What will the Easter Bunny put in your basket?
  2. _________ Bunny Bringing You ________Tips
  3. A Belated Easter Gift!
  4. Easter is Coming…And so are Some Other Cool Things!
  5. Wishing you a joyful Easter with two giveaways
  6. Happy Easter, {name}. Coupon Inside!
  7. Let’s get creative! Coolest DIY gift ever
  8. Do you Dress up for Easter?
  10. Here is a little Easter treat from us!
  11. Who Wants an Easter Freebies?
  13. Last-minute special: 40% off for Easter weekend
  14. An Easter Surprise For You
  15. Happy Easter! And some exciting news…
  16. Mindful Activities for Easter Holidays
  17. Make a cool _______ Easter egg craft
  18.  Wishing you the happiest Easter of all
  19. The Easter SALE Ends Tonight!
  20. So, egg-citing: an Easter present is waiting for you!
  21. No Easter egg dye at home? Try this instead
  22. Hoppy Easter
  23.  What’s in your Easter Basket?!

Subject lines for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a holiday for remembering and honoring the people who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. From a marketing standpoint, it’s an opportunity for your brand to acknowledge the fallen and celebrate patriotism.

  1. Something to Think About on Memorial Day
  2. Memorial Day Treats and Stuff
  3. 15% Off Site-Wide Memorial Day Sale Starts Now For Instant Rewards Members!
  4. A red, white and blue dessert to make your Memorial Day DELICIOUS!
  5. Memorial Day – FLASH Sale!
  6. Memorial Day Sale – Promo Code Inside
  7. Thank you for your service ❤ – Happy Memorial Day (Enjoy your Freebie on me!)
  8. CAN YOU SAY EPIC?! Amazing Memorial Day Sales happening!
  9. Do you need a FUN treat for Memorial Day that your kids will LOVE?
  11. Memorial Day: Remember & Honor
  12. Why We Celebrate Memorial Day
  13. __________ crafts for Memorial Day!
  14. Happy Memorial Day, {$name}!
  15. Don’t forget to place your ________ order! Memorial Day Special
  16. Be safe this Memorial Day
  17. Memorial Day Savings Exclusively for Military Members
  18. How I spent my Memorial Vacation

Subject lines for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day

Moms are the best! Mother’s Day is a great email marketing event. Make your campaigns all about moms and the rest will take care of itself. 

  1. [Freebie Friday] What? It’s almost Mother’s Day
  2. IMPORTANT: We’ve just extended the Mother’s Day Sale by 24 hours!
  3. Save up to $50 this weekend!
  4. How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?
  5. It’s Mother’s Day … relax with a freebie
  6. Gifts that will win your Ma’s heart this Mother’s Day!
  7. .. It’s Mother’s Day in less than a month!
  8. Are you ready for Mother’s Day yet ?
  9. 3 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Ideas
  10. Friday Freebie! Printable Mother’s Day Cards
  11. What does Mother’s Day mean to you?
  12. Shower Mummy with ❤ this Mother’s Day
  13. Anyone thinking about Mother’s Day yet, or is it just me?
  14. 25 Mother’s Day “Sweet Things” That Will Impress the Queen, Herself! Hail the Mom!
  15. This Mother’s Day will be different
  16. You are a Mother Warrior
  17. Mother’s Day Special: Take 40% Off
  18. discover the best ways to enjoy motherhood
  19. What Moms Really Want This Year For Mother’s Day
  20. We believe in you! Happy Mother’s Day!

Subject lines for Halloween

Halloween is a time is no Trick, it’s a time to treat your customers with fun. Celebrate with lots of treats and Spook-tacular savings on your products and services

  1. 20% off our ERRIE-SISTIBLE Halloween collection
  2. OOPS! Must have been a ghost.. ?
  3. FAN-TASTIC Halloween savings-3 days only
  4. Look FABOOLOUS in these SPOOKTACULAR __________
  5. Your little monster will love this
  6. Forget trick. Here’s our TREAT
  7. It’s Halloween time. Are you ready for some fun?
  8. Better than candy
  9. We’re so PUMP (kin)ed about this
  10. Happy Halloween. Get SPOOKTACCULAR Deals!
  11. WITCH Fab Deal will you choose today?
  12. All Treats NO Tricks

Subject lines for Thanksgiving

Thank your customer with craft ideas, holiday treats, and special savings that will keep them coming back for more. People are gearing up for the holidays and are looking for ideas and products.

  1. Thank you for your Business, Our Thanksgiving gift to you.
  2. What are you wearing to Thanksgiving?
  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Shop Black Friday online now!
  4. _________ That go with Turkey
  5. Pack these for you Thanksgiving
  6. Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks
  7. Final Hour! The clock is ticking on this Thanksgiving sale!
  8. Sneak Peak Deals! Save room for thanksgiving
  9. Thanksgiving got you stressed out? NO ANYMORE
  10. Bets Thanksgiving EVER it all starts here

Subject lines for Black-Friday

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. This is a must if you have a digital product, physical product or even a course you have to offer. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

  1. Black Friday without the big crowd
  2. Exclusive Black Friday sneak peek. Save up to_________
  3. Don’t wait till tomorrow! Take up to 50% off right now!
  4. Your boss is shopping today too
  5. Black Friday! 1000’s of items at amazing prices
  6. Black Friday! 40% off EVERYTHING
  7. Mystery sale- How much will you save
  8. It’s Black FRI-YAY! 30% off everything from_____
  9. BOGO! But one get one FREE!
  10. Last chance for massive ____savings
  11. It’s now or never!

Subject lines for Cyber Monday

Did you miss out on Black Friday? No worries, you still have cyber-Monday. More now than ever people are shopping online. Take advantage of the online space and post your offer on Facebook, Instagram, your website, Etsy or wherever you sell your products and services.

  1. Cyber Monday madness 30% off entire stock
  2. It’s Cyber-Monday all week
  3. Only a few hours left to enjoy 25% off__________ Shop Now!
  4. Cyber -Monday! FREE shipping and 25% off
  5. Cyber -Monday 25% today only!
  6. Don’t miss out, it’s almost over!
  7. SCORE! It’s Cyber Monday: Mystery deal revealed!
  8. Break the internet with Cyber Monday
  9. Enjoy the most beautiful Cyber Monday gift of the year
  10. It only happens once a year. Get it now while it lasts!

Subject Lines for Christmas

Christmas is the busiest time of the year and people are looking for great gift ideas to send their loved ones. No matter what your business is you have something someone wants or needs.

  1. Rock the Christmas clock with time-saving gift inspiration
  2. Indulge in the joys of personalized holiday shopping
  3. Wrap up super savings that keep your stocking stuffed
    Our deep holiday discounts make it happen
  4. Kick holiday stress to the curb with one-stop shopping for everyone on your list
  5. Sleigh your Christmas list with these last-minute gifts
  6. Even Santa shops our super-saver Christmas deals
  7. Push procrastination out the window with super-fun holiday shopping – That’s how much you’ll love our selections
  8. Baby, it’s cold outside, so warm up with our holiday gift ideas
  9. Super Christmas shopping savings put extra jingle in your pocket
  10. Give yourself something you really want this Christmas
  11. Discounted elf exclusives add extra joy to your holidays
  12. Let the holiday season begin by treating yourself to something special
  13. Give great gifts that give back with our incredible Christmas discounts
  14. Beat the holiday rush with tips for being a St. Nick in time
  15. What are you really dreaming of this Christmas?
  16. Zip through the holidays with our super-fast elf-checkout
  17. Make room under the tree for cash-saving Christmas fun
    Deep discounts on everything in stock
  18. Take your Christmas shopping over the finish line with time to spare
  19. We saved Santa’s best stocking stuffers just for you– He told us how good you’ve been
  20. Be an angel this year by giving heavenly holiday gifts
  21. Put the shine in your holidays with our sparkling ideas
  22. Conquer Christmas shopping while you ring up super savings
  23. Dazzling Christmas discounts are our holiday gift to you
  24. Secret Santa’s know how to hook up with Christmas savings
  25. These sizzling Christmas deals are hot enough to warm up Jack Frost
  26. Do you need a time-out from the holidays this year?– Book your New Year’s ___________ getaway today
  27. Put joy in your world with post-holiday discounts
  28. Inspire a kiss under the mistletoe with these ________ holiday destinations
  29. Gift yourself with the Christmas vacation you really deserve
  30. Where would you love to ring in the holidays this year?
  31. Even Rudolph thinks our ___________ services are the best
  32. You can be naughty and still stay fit through the holidays – Learn more about our _____________equipment
  33. Get on Santa’s nice list by getting in shape this year
  34. Deck the halls with unbelievable holiday savings– 20% off our entire _________
  35. Turn your home into a holiday palace with dazzling home decor
  36. These Christmas decorating tips make Martha Stewart jealous
  37. Enjoy fantastic discounts on fabulous holiday ______________
  38. Beautiful ______________ dress up the best holiday wardrobes
  39. Ring in the holidays wearing elegant Christmas jewelry
  40. Glow like a Christmas angel with our premium cosmetics
  41. They look even better with your 20% discount
  42. Be Santa Claus for your favorite paws with these pet treats
  43. All good dogs and cats deserve stockings stuffed with goodies
  44. Check out Santa’s recommendations for your favorite pet
  45. Doll up your fur babies for the holidays with our pet grooming services
  46. Our surprise offer is wrapping up..Get it now!
  47. You can still get it in time for Christmas!
  48. Last-minute gift “Santa Approved”

Subject lines for New Years

The new Year is a time of the year where people are making resolutions and changes in their lives, looking better, feeling healthier, losing weight, quitting bad habits, and so on. If you have a product or service that can make an impact or change in someone’s life you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

  1. Get your New Year’s resolution off to a new start
  2. New year New Me, ________ sale is going quick
  3. Your wish list is about to grow
  4. Holiday stress level: Zero
  5. Welcome the New Year with bigger and better deals
  6. Get a new_________ for your _________
  7. Out with the old, in with the New

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Holiday Subject Lines and Calendar by Cheryl Phan