Are you one of those people who think they can work on multiple tasks at one time, going back and forth between emails, checking social media posts, and important tasks?

That was me. #gulityascharged

What you are really doing is called Task Shifting.

I’m guessing it is another work for multi-tasking.

I read an article about “Task Shifting” that changed the way I was doing things in my business. Here’s what it said…

After an internet interruption, it takes about seventeen minutes to shift your total focus back to what you were working on. Doing this makes your work harder, you make more mistakes, and you get less accomplished.

This makes perfect sense. How many times have you been distracted and shifted your focus to do something else and then couldn’t remember what you were originally working on? I do it all the time.

Here’s a prime example of what I had the habit of doing. I would go to write an email and see a new email in my inbox. Instead of writing the email I would get distracted and read it and then forget to write the email. Please tell me I’m not the only one that has done this.

Another bad habit I had was when I would be working on an important task that was going to take me hours to do, I would stop and take breaks and check my emails, respond to DM’s or check my social media posts. The next thing I know an hour or more goes by and I never finished what I was originally working on.

Here’s a solution to double your productivity

How to break the bad habit of multitasking

Stop multi-tasking. This is what sets successful people apart from people who are struggling. Studies show that the most successful people focus on one task at a time. They concentrate on the most important project and get it done before doing anything else.

  1. Stay focused on ONE task at a time
  2. Schedule your most important task FIRST.
  3. Put your phone on silent and put it in another room
  4. Disable notifications on your phone and computer so you’re not distracted
  5. Work on that one task for 60-90 minutes nonstop
  6. Then give yourself a 15-minute break. (drink water or eat something.) DO NOT check your emails.
  7. Start again and work another 60-90-minutes
  8. Then: If you need to check your emails give yourself 15 minutes to do so. Set your alarm and stop when that time is up.

If you do this every morning, you will develop the habit of getting the most important tasks done and become more productive.

I love social media to build my business, but it can also be time-sucking and a huge distraction. Stay focused on your goal.

Also, staying connected through email is important and we want to be attentive and serve our customers but that doesn’t mean you have to be available every second of the day.

Set a response on your email letting people know that you check your emails twice a day and you will get back to them. Boundaries are equally important.

I would love to hear some of your tips and suggestions for breaking the bad habit of multitasking. Respond to this email and I’ll check it when I’m done working on my next big task.

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Hope this was helpful.

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