Oh My Gosh!  How many times have you forgotten your password or username and couldn’t open your social media platform or an APP for your personal use?

This happens to me a lot.

How on earth do you remember all your passwords and usernames?

It’s almost impossible.

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I have so many passwords I had to figure out a way to keep them all organized and to have easy access when I needed them.

If you need some help with organizing your passwords keep reading.

The first thing I’m going to show you is how to organize and save them on an excel spreadsheet.

This is how I save all my passwords, usernames, and any other important information that is associates with each account.

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I also use a FREE tool so I can have access to my passwords on my mobile device.

There have been numerous times I’ve been driving in my car, sitting at the doctor’s office, or just out and about and couldn’t get into an account because I couldn’t remember the password. I have also been locked out because I tried too many times.

The Free Tool I Use

This Free tool is called LastPass.  I will admit, at first, I wasn’t too keen on having my passwords on my phone, but after some careful research, I have found this APP to be very secure.

Just a side note: DO NOT forget this one password to get in because unlike other APPs you can’t retrieve it or change it. That’s how secure it is.

Make sure you put this password on your excel spreadsheet and store it in your memory bank (your head).

Another way I use LastPass is to share my social media platforms with my VA’s that need to work on my account.  This way I don’t have to give out my password to anyone. I simply share the link with that person so they can have access, but they can’t see the password.

If you no longer work with them, then you just go in and change the password on that account so they can’t get in.

I also shared my LastPass with my children just in case anything happens to me they can get into my accounts. This will save them a lot of headaches when I leave this earth and go home to live with the Lord.

It’s always good to be prepared and keep your life and business organized.

I hope you found this helpful.

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How to never forget your passwords