The Roadmap to Revenue

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Add 10 additional revenue streams to your existing business without reinventing the wheel!

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Here’s what you’ll be learning in the Roadmap to Revenue course:

#1: Affiliate Sales

I will teach you how to use affiliate marketing to get paid for recommending products and services.  This is another one of my favorite ways to make additional money with little to no effort.

#2: AD Revenue

Learn how to incorporate ads into your website and Blogs to make money. The more people that visit your website the more you will make. 

#3: Videos

Create DIY videos to generate. Passive income. Make it once and sell it over and over. This is one of my first revenue streams

#4: Ebook

In this video, I’ll talk about what an eBook is, how to write one, and where to sell it or promote it. Writing an eBook is a great way to build credibility as a Leader in your industry.

#5: Virtual Store

In this module, we will talk about how to set up a virtual storefront on Facebook & Instagram.  This is a great opportunity to sell your products and reach more people.  Opening multiple virtual stores is like owning your own franchise.

#6: Physical Products

There are many ways to sell your physical products. This module is a 3-part lesson. I’ll be talking about Buying & Selling Wholesale, Dropship, and Selling your own products.

#7: Coaching 1to1

In this video, I’ll be sharing my insights on one-on-one coaching. Who this is a right fit for, and what tools you’ll need to help run your program with ease?

#8: Paid Membership

Memberships are a great way to build a recurring income. It’s also scalable, so the sky is the limit.

There are many ways to run a membership group. I will show you how I run mine and how you can do this with zero overhead to get started.

#9: Sponsored Content

In this module, we’re going to talk about sponsored content how to work with big brands and to determine if you’re ready at this time.

#10: Course Creation

In this module, we’ll w talking about course creation. I will show you what I know about creating a course and the pros and cons.

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3 Payment Options to Choose From

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