Introduction: Turning Passion into Profit of Women over 50

If you’ve ever dreamt of turning your passions into a full-on business, then this is something you want to read.

As women over 50 approach retirement, many are seeking new opportunities and ways to monetize their passions and hobbies, often wondering if it’s ever too late to embark on this exciting journey. You may be one of these women who has thought about the possibility but is afraid because you have never owned a business before or are struggling with social media and technology. However, rest assured that age is just a number, and success stories of women over 50 who have turned their passions into thriving businesses abound.

The Internet: Your Key to Turning Passion into Profit

Fortunately, the internet has made it easier than ever for women to turn their hobbies into successful businesses. You have all the free tools at your fingertips, you just need a little guidance and to learn the shortcuts from someone who has gone before you.

In this digital age, you’re not alone on your entrepreneurial journey. Communities of like-minded individuals, mentors, and experts are readily accessible, ready to provide guidance and share their experiences. By leveraging the wealth of knowledge available online, you can fast-track your path to success and avoid common pitfalls.

Inspiring women over 50 to turn hobbies into thriving businesses


Inspiring Stories of  Entrepreneurs from Women Over 50

Here are some inspiring examples of women over fifty who did just that.

  1. Susan Petersen is the founder of Freshly Picked, a company that creates high-quality baby moccasins. What started as a hobby for Susan quickly turned into a full-fledged business, and today, Freshly Picked is a multimillion-dollar company with a global customer base. Susan is a former stay-home-Mom who business started on her kitchen table with a sewing machine and a dream.
  2. The Gourmet Potluck: Linda Moss is the founder of The Gourmet Potluck, a company that provides gourmet meal delivery services. Linda started the business as a hobby, cooking meals for her friends and family. Over time, her hobby grew into a thriving business, and today, The Gourmet Potluck delivers delicious meals to customers all over the country.
  3. Joseph is the founder of BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, a cosmetics line designed specifically for mature women. Cindy started the business as a hobby, creating products that she couldn’t find in the marketplace. Today, BOOM! by Cindy Joseph is a thriving business, offering cosmetics and skincare products to women all over the world.
  4. Sue Hadley is the founder of The Fuzzy Yak, a company that creates handmade soap and skincare products. Sue started the business as a hobby, making soap for her family and friends. Over time, her hobby grew into a successful business, and today, The Fuzzy Yak is a thriving company with customers all over the world.
  5. Cheryl Phan- That’s me! the founder of Artzy Fartzy Creations, a decorative painting company creating decorative faux finishes on walls and furniture. Quit her corporate job to start her own business. Today she runs a successful Decorative painting company and coaches other women on how to turn their hobby into an online business.

Meet Cheryl Phan: The Empowering Women’s Visionary

Oh, by the way, I’m Cheryl Phan, the gal who started Empowering Women. Yup, I waved goodbye to my corporate gig to follow my creative dreams. And now, I’m on a mission to help wonderful people like you bust through any barriers and turn those dreams into real, thriving businesses.

Friend, I’m here to tell you that anyone can take their passion and turn it into a successful business. So, if you have a hobby that you’re passionate about, why not turn it into a business and see where it takes you?

Age Is Just a Number: Embracing Your Passion

It is never too late. Don’t let your age or circumstances hold you back – pursue your passion and let me help you turn your hobby into a thriving business. Your life experiences, wisdom, and skills gained over the years uniquely equip you for success in the entrepreneurial world. Your circumstances, no matter how challenging they may seem, can be transformed into stepping stones toward your goals.

Join Empowering Women: Start Your Journey

Joining Empowering Women means becoming a part of a network of strong, resilient women over 50 who have chosen to seize their passions and transform them into thriving businesses. Together, we can break down barriers and redefine what it means to pursue your dreams, regardless of age. Your journey toward living your best life starts here, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.


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